Notre Torture est Réelle

Our Torture Is Real !



"French Centre of Fight, For The Liberation Of Humanity, Against State Covert Harassments Done In Secret Community Networks And In Organized Groups And In Gang Stalking, And Against Directed Energy Weapons, And Against Electronic Torture, And Against Mind Control"


Ruban Individu Ciblé Nous Eveiller, Vous Revèlera


Fiers De Ne Plus Demeurer Vos Victimes Nous Ne Sommes Pas Ceux Que Vous Dîtes

Nous Sommes Vos Réponses Immunitaires


pancarte anti nouvel ordre mondial et anti contrôle mental


I/ Documentary video unpublished in French language with English sub-titles about a French TI :

Vidéo : "Individu Ciblé & Gang Stalking"


See here the video titled "Targeted Individual & Gang Stalking" :

This video was made in April 2015 and is 20 minutes long ; a longer version is planned to ship in December 2017.

This video was released for the first time at the Berlin Conference October 2, 2015 on Covert Harassments, and has been acclaimed by all those present (200 people).

WARNING : This video was censored and suppressed by YouTube from Monday, February 15, 2016 to Friday, February 19, 2016 ! After these dates, a complaint against YouTube restored everything back.

« Our torture is very real, and say it aloud does not cover us anymore of ridiculous, but covers all of you ashamed of so much ignorance ! »

II/ Video Presentation :

This is the brief testimony (20 minutes out of 5 hours of interviews), spontaneous and natural, in all simplicity, sincerity and authenticity, and made in an artistic documentary way, aesthetic and mysterious (the "French Way"), and for the first time in France, and in French language and with English sub-titles,

of 1 French victim, since 1998, in France (and in a hundred French cities between 1998 and 1999, and in Turkey during 1 month in summer 2002, and in India for 4 years from 2002 to 2006, but also in London and in Zurich),

of secret mills and surveillance, over his entire public and private life (and including his most personal and most intimate, and that done by being technologically able to observe through his walls, and his body, and his brain, and by viewing his emotions and his thoughts, using fMRI brain images, reconstructed by interferometer techniques and radars, remotely, and continuously live),

and of secret harassments done by covert community networks and organized groups ("Gang Stalking"), staged all around him, wherever he went and worked, by all means of transport (on foot, by car, bus, train, and plane), in all his public and private life, and by tens of thousands of different people (distributed in all times and in any location, for 18 years, and on several continents and countries and cities, and in remote central control rooms in each country or in the USA),

and of secret remote electronic tortures, without any contacts and without any traces, by ultrasonic (focused and pulsed), and by electromagnetic waves (microwaves pulsed and modulated at very low frequencies), from short distances (from the apartments from above to attack the brain, otherwise it is not feasible), or from very high distance (from ground based stations like H.A.A.R.P., or from satellite, and by maser, to attack the muscle fibers and nervous system, anywhere in the body with great precision, but also by giving the false impression of localized precision by creating sensory hallucinations sent by semiotic brainwaves directly and only into the brain without going through any point of the body,

and thus who is 1 "Targeted Individual" (or "TI"),

and done by the French Secret Services and Army ("RG", "Renseignements Généraux", "Gendarmerie", "Military", "Ministry of Home Affairs"), and by Interpol (whose global headquarters are in Lyon, France), and by the US Secret Services and Army ("FBI", "CIA", "NSA", "US Department of Defense", "Pentagone"), and by the UK Secret Services and Army ("Scotland Yard", "MI5", "MI6", "GCHQ"), and by NATO linked Secret Services ("Stay-Behind", "Gladio"),

and by those of other countries, including India, on the ground of which are also already in place large numbers of British, Australians, Canadians, and Israelis Agents (recognizable by their accent),

and all participating in conjunction in operations of small or very large scale (from the size of a restaurant, to the size of a bus, to the size of one district, and to the size of one whole village, and including the mountain that goes with it (eg in "Villard-de-Lans", where a whole regiment of Military troops and "Military Logistics" trucks had their headquarters in the huge hotel at the top (then vacant because out of season during the summer 2002))),

and against him on the ground, without interruption, 7/7 days, 24/24 hours,

and who is constantly undergoing abdominal pains (in the form of spasms), especially at night, when being motionless in his bed, depriving him of sleep (with sometimes sleepless nights), and sickening him, and debilitating him, and making him run the risk of losing his job, because of this "fake disability", that is created physically and artificially and deliberately in him, and produced by hardware tools scattered in his near or distant environment, but organized by others than himself, and apart from him, in order to get this uninterrupted remote electronic torture for 18 years and that followed him around the world, without ever finding any refuge nowhere,

and who now wishes to make it known to all, should it happen something to him, because he has already been tried to be "committed suicide" in silence at his home,

by deleting / decaying / fusioning his brain, and by tilting him in 1 deep electronic artificial coma (by breaking the blood-brain barrier due to intensive microwave and ultrasonic short range and long duration bombardments on the brain),

and by trying to manipulate him mentally, by reconditionnings and by repetitive electronic stimuli, in endless loops for years, on the same places of the body, and on the same areas of the brain where sit the emotions of fear and of aggression and of libido, and during his dreams and also his days, and perhaps to try to turn him into 1 fake mass murderer, or 1 fake terrorist, or 1 fake alleged sexual abuser (and who then could serve as a "Patsy", in what is called a "False Flag" operation, that is staged, and that is a mass manipulation (see "Note 1" below)),

and which he is of course not at all in reality,

but this is the treatment and the typical fate inflicted on all the same hundreds of thousands of other similar experimental victims, chosen at random, around the world, of this kind of individual targeting and organized harassment,

perpetrated by those who officiate since the 60s in the US, and now control most of our world, and that announce the advent of a new world order of total control of the world's population through mass manipulation but also individually targeted, at all levels :

mental / technology / telecommunications / media / political / economic / intelligence / military / industrial / multinational,

and for the sole benefit of the elites and the powerful, possessing all networks in all countries, and who can use them to hide behind the state secrets, and to achieve these ends.

(Note 1 : There are tons of "False Flag" operations around us for decades, in France and in the USA : fake terrorists, and fake murderers, and fake rapists (whose only their victims are real, while all their actions were calculated and prepared by those who handle them and who are not where we are made to believe they are, because they are our own governments), and even their relatives no longer recognize them as they were really themselves, before they were created and turned specifically so that they commit such acts so-called "criminals", to cause fear in the daily lives of people, to better control them, by hypnotizing them with terror, to better prevent them from thinking for themselves, and to make them better plebiscite a repressive and totalitarian police state ; end of the Note 1).

III/ Scientific and physician reference books on these topics :

- a) Dr. John Hall :

The "Book for Dummies" about covert harassment and gang stalking and electronic torture and remote mind control that is a must read (in English) :

"Guinea Pigs" of Dr. John Hall (written in very simple language, and teaching English in an easy to read and understand and of a class 10 level) :

- b) Dr. Rauni Kilde :

The book "Bright Light On Black Shadows" of testimony of a doctor and researcher and former Minister of Health in Finland who has long fought alongside the victims and who brought evidence of abominations perpetrated on them by the military and the secret service, but who died on 02/08/2015, just five months after the International Conference against Covert Harassment in 2014 in Brussels, carried away by an unexplained withering cancer (but her editor revealed in 2016 that she was poisoned with Polonium 210 (cancer producing), by the secret services, the same way that Colonel Litwinienko) :

Note :

People who want to defame Dr. Rauni Kilde, hypocritically, always tell about her, first, and before talking about her works and her lectures on mind control and electronic torture and Gang Stalking, that she believes in UFOs and in god and in life after death and in communication with the spirits in another dimension : it is a heinous affront to her, and a mock trial, done to this great scientist lady, to reduce her to some of her flaws, very human, which are due only to her insatiable curiosity for all sorts of subjects (even the most improbable, but nobody can be perfect...).

Book purchasable at Amazon Canada (40 € ; Delivery time : 2 months) :

Here is an article about her death :


- c) Dr. Robert Duncan :

The book that reveals all the technological part behind the weapons used by the American army and secret services (like the CIA), and now by those from around the world, to realize the electronic mind control remotely on any individual :

"Project Soul Catcher, Volume 2" by Dr. Robert Duncan (written in a very technical style, inspired by the world of computer hacking, which illustrates the mind hacking, as it is done with similar techniques, in English) :

IV/ Site resources on these topics :

Article in French very importantly to read on Mind Control in 21st century (and other topics) :

Original versions in English of this article :

Website of the Organization for European fight against electronic harassment weapons and gang stalking :

Website of the International Conference 2015 in Berlin against Covert Harassment :

Military medecine in use in civil hospitals in Toronto (2015) (while the military has always denied that such technologies were available or used by themselves for 50 years) :

Military medecine in civil use in Poland (2011) (while the military has always denied that such technologies were available or used by themselves for 50 years) :

V/ What is the reason of being for this Website ?

Read explanation (Profession of Faith) : click here

VI/ French Translations of the Books from Dr. John Hall and Rauni Kilde and Robert Duncan :

- 1/ French translation of the book "Guinea Pigs" from Dr. John Hall : (translation to come)

© 2014 – « John Hall » (with his permission).

Couverture Livre Docteur John Hall

- 2/ French translation of the book "Bright Lignt On Black Shadows" from Dr. Rauni kilde :

© 09/02/2015 – Infonurt2 – The Publisher « Bohdan Szewczyk » & The Author « Rauni Kilde » (with their permission).

Couverture du Livre du Docteur Rauni Kilde

- a/ Extract (from pages 291 to 294) of Chapter XVIII : Text on "STAY BEHIND" :

* Read original text in Englsih : click here

* Lire le texte en Français : cliquer ici

- b/ Chapter VII : WHO and Vaccinations :

* Read original text in Englsih : click here

* Lire le texte en Français : cliquer ici

- c/ Chapter XVIII (full part) : Overview of harassment methods by covert community recruits (COINTELPRO, Gladio, Stay-behind) :

* Read original text in Englsih : click here

* Lire le texte en Français : cliquer ici

- d/ International Open Letter from the Publisher of the book "Bright Light on Black Shadows" from Dr. Rauni Kilde :

* Read original text in Englsih : click here

* Lire le texte en Français : cliquer ici

- 3/ French translation of the book "Project Soul Catcher, Volume 2" from Dr. Robert Duncan : (translation to come)

© 2010 – « Higher Order Thinkers Publishing » & « Robert Duncan » (with their permission).

Couverture Livre Docteur Robert Duncan

VII/ Presentation of the videos from the Covert Harassment Conference from Berlin in 2015 :

Watch the videos here :

VIII/ Methods of Protection Against Torture For TI :

1/ Electromagnetic waves emitted to torture from ground based stations and bouncing off the ionosphere by superheated microwave to use it as a mirror redirecting these waves at very low frequencies to any point on the ground on all globe, but also those issued from military satellites to do the Mind Control on the planet : these waves can be jammed and become ineffective when the Sun enters a strong geomagnetic tempest, then visit the following website regularly, because according to the weather of the solar activity, your torture will likely cease, all the days where the solar activity is denoted by 5/9 to 9/9, but may however be there anyway if it is noted that from 1/9 to 4/9, and, if they are still present despite a score of 5/9 or 9/9, then it will serve as proof that the source of waves directed at you is actually quite close in your immediate environment and not through the vacuum space and not from the sky (and in the opposite case it will serve as proof to exonerate your neighbors)

2/ For men only : pain due to muscle spasms occurring at a rate close to that of the heart, and that can take place in the genitals and prostate and rectum and anus, can be blocked and be no longer perceptible at only 10% of their original level, using a molecule that plays a role of andro-blocking, ie blocking testosterone, which is called "Androcur" in trade, and "cyproterone acetate" at the molecular level, and the proper dosage is 50 mg per day, first 3 times daily for 15 days, and 1 time per day for 1 month, then finally one time every 3 days, and the first results are felt after a month or two (but watch out for side effects after one year of use : do monitor your liver, and the growth of breasts, but the relief of torture to not suffer anymore from sleep deprivation that becomes finally possible worth trying...).

3/ Stay in a house or an isolated cottage, and without joint ownership of any kind, and especially without no other inhabitants located above your head (for it is from this strategic position, and from this short distance of the height of a ceiling, that you can be the most dangerously attacked, including by electromagnetic waves, as by ultrasonic focused and pulsed, that can make you fall into a final artificial coma (for the Mind Control satellites running 24h / 24h and 7d / 7d, while that you would be probably still in a bed, it will be in charge of maintaining you artificially in that fake state, without possibility of returning to a conscious state, or at least you'll never have the appearance of being aware, and you will be declared "brain dead", and you will be disconnected, and you will die like a "buried alive" in a false appearance of artificially maintained fake coma, and in any case it is a possible scenario...).

4/ Use a natural sleep aid or stimulating the sleep hormone, melatonin.

5/ Use Yogic meditation methods, to relax and slow your breathing and your heart, and to drive out of your mind any negative thoughts, or linked to sensations of pain or torture (and normally, if you combine all methods listed here, you will see that meditation and relaxation and concentration and positivism, it also works in addition !).

IX/ What could be the truth about the "New World Order" ?

It could not be a sect or a new religion.

This could not be something that would be very old and that would have been passed from generation to generation for centuries.

At most, the premises of the New World Order could date from the creation of the CIA, after the end of World War II, ie the 18.9.1947 : before that it is not possible that no New World Order could begin to exist in any form whatsoever.

But since the attacks in New York September 11, 2001, as it could be the most logical to do, the US could have passed under "Secret Martial Law", and then, little by little, they could have to logically imposed on their allies to do the same, while forcing them to put under their tutelage.

In the American continent, all states could be in fact controlled by the Pentagon and its military and secret services (CIA).

In Europe, all the states could be in fact controlled by NATO (which is, however, under the orders of the Pentagon) and their military and secret services ("Stay Behind").

The New World Order could be a secret dictatorship of the military behind a facade of democracy, and working with banks and the world of finance and the multi national and industry and the media, to operate their weapons of war (for all this is very expensive, and needs all kinds of propaganda), and that could be why we all feel that it is the rich capitalist societies and the money that govern the world, whereas in fact it could be a lure, because those who govern the world it could be the military, and the capitalist world and money could be only their allies, not their command post, but the only visible acts are those from the rich capitalist societies (some of which we sometimes feel are outrageous, but it could be also a lure, and these scandals could be orchestrated and deliberately made public, and it could be a manipulation made by the military, which could be reported by the media, but not thanks the false independence of the investigative press, but made knowingly and purposefully, by the military, to make people believe that it could be the big bosses who always fill their pockets, and that's done so people get angry against the false ones in charge of the dictatorship in which we currently find ourselves, instead of addressing the military), while military actions remain hidden, and it could be that which covers the tracks and confuses people about the real culprits that could be the military, with the rich capitalists who could be just their means to achieve their ends.

As for politicians, they could only execute the agendas of the ultra-liberal executives from the American right, which could be the brains of this military-capitalist conglomerate, and these agendas couold be followed to the letter, without any of the votes of citizens in each different elections being able to change anything, and that could be why the citizens feel that the policies of the different states never change whatever the current government and regardless of the country in which this happens.

The New World Order could be a bit like a kind of "secret world government" (but this illustration could be actually also a kind of delusion, for it presents very complex elements, summarized in one simplistic picture, and this is done to discredit whistleblowers who inform the truth about all these elements that make up the New World Order, and to encourage us to make false amalgam and thought shortcuts, such as : "we are led by a secret world government made by Jews (or "Masons" or the "Illuminati", etc ... (which is of course completely stupid))", and it aims to make us believe that the truth expressed by whistleblowers would in fact be a "conspiracy theory", which triggers everybody to do the following thought shortcut : "incredible truth = delusional lie", which is of course untrue, but few people are able to avoid thought shortcuts with which we were all conditioned for 50 years by manipulation transmitted by word of mouth and with the help of complicit media from the CIA : see about that the "Note 1" below).

And this New World Order could be managed and operated by the military and financed by the capitalists and thought by the ultra liberals, and everything they could do together could be intended only to serve their own interests, and served each other between themselves (ie the minority privileged elites), and excluding all others (including the people, which has no other future, they believe, that to become their slaves, consumers of their products and ideologies, but with no more freedom or free will or privacy nor democracy or justice or rights or social benefits or purchasing power or anything that still makes us humans).

As for the Mind Control, it could serve as a backbone to the New World Order, to control people and manipulate them, and submit them to their orders, and prevent them from rebelling, by putting them into sleep by satellite waves or by ground based stations waves (of about 7 Hertz (or pulses per second), and of a few micro volts / squared meter (therefore an electric field of very low value, to be undetectable, but enough to interact with the brain, because it is naturally hypersensitive to it)), which actually could force people brains not to get out of a state "asleep" in which they are immersed, and maintained artificially, constantly, and over the whole surface of the globe, and without being able to get out of this state, to make efforts to think and criticize and rebel.

Mind control could be also used to create fake criminals and fake fanatics and fake terrorists, who will be guided on the spot by agents working for the military (and often from a prison (because the mind control (or brainwashing) is working the better a person is isolated and in a very small and confined space where he is practically all the time motionless, for a very long sentence length), from which they are selected, and then released before their time, purposedly), who will be handled by them, and armed by them, and who commit the crime for which they were "neurologically" pre-programmed (in prison, for example), and who will then be shot by police, to leave no trace, and all this is intended to keep the population into a false sense of insecurity (so these actions are long covert military operations under "false Flag", to manipulate the people), for that they will ask by themselves to strengthen the police state, and diminish their freedoms, and to move increasingly towards a real dictatorship, where nothing or no law or no right can no longer interfere with military and secret services to do what they want with the civilians and citizens. And this feeling of insecurity has already been studied by scientists as a very powerful and effective anxiety that prevents the brain to reach its highest mental functions such as thinking and analytical thinking and critical thinking, in order to make people no more than to be mindless robots.

So all could be well calculated and manipulated and orchestrated around people so they could not understand what could be done to them, and neither who could be the real responsible.

With this site, you have a beginning of anwser...

Also thank you to read the explanation by the Natural Law of Darwinian Evolution, which reflects very well the stage of evolution of our present world in which we find ourselves now, and that is also the conclusion of the Profession of Faith this site : here

Note 1 : See this article, which explains how in 1967 the CIA created the label "conspiracy theorists of"... to attack anyone who would doubt the official version :

Note 2 : See also this article, of realistic political analysis on the method of "Complotisme" which is the only method used by all the great men and revolutionaries in recent centuries, to find the different truths, always hidden by all the different powers, on historical facts and contemporary geo-politics, and there is explained why the government is so keen to fight against "Complotisme" at school, because it is the only method by which we would discover for ourselves their state secrets :

X/ International Day Of Mobilization Against Covert Harassments, And Against Gang Stalking, And Against Mind Control, And Against Electronic Torture, And Against Directed Energy Weapons :

- The 8 February 2016 (in hommage to the date of death of Dr. Rauni Kilde : 02/08/2015) :

- Be numerous to go down in the streets to pacifically protest with your Tee Shirts and Sign Boards "Notre Torture Est Réelle" and "STOP Gang Stalking" and "DANGER : SECRETS" and "Nous éveiller, Vous révèlera" and "Fiers de ne Plus Demeurer Vos Victimes" and "Nous Ne Sommes Pas Ceux Que Vous Dîtes" and "Nous Sommes Votre Réponse Immunitaire" !

- Watch the deferred broadcast from YouTube with subtitles in English, which is passed through a Polish chain to celebrate this event Monday, February 8, 2016 from 12am to 16:30pm (you must select all 17 videos dating from 02.08.2016 and with a title beginning with the word "IDAMC", and starting from last on the list, and going back to the first in the list) :

Journée Mondiale Anti Gang Stalking

XI/ Future "Covert Harassment Conference" in France in Paris :

Let's prepare together a future "Covert Harassment Conference", and propose to the organizers of the previous Brussels Conferences in 2014 and Berlin in 2015, the application of France, to receive such a Conference, for example in Paris, and to consider in time on 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020 !

Help us find a place in Paris where one could accommodate 200 people with a video projector and a large screen and a sound system and seating and relaxation areas or meal break and WC and cloakroom and close to public transport well located and easy to find, and independent and libertarian and cultural and for that the subject of the conference and its guests and spectators are in a safe place and that they may feel accepted ! If you have full address to offer, contact us to our email at the bottom of this page !

XII/ Let's gather all the testimonies of the victims of these networks of harassment agents, and Let's fight against secrecy in which they hide and where they operate with impunity :

We must all complain, we the victims and TI from France, in the form of a Class Action Suit, against these networks of harassment agents, and break the secrecy in which they hide, putting them under the light of our testimonies, and bringing the complaint before the European Court of Human Rights and before the Human Rights Commission of the European Parliament, and before the European Parliamentarians, and based on Doctor Rauni Kilde texts, in her book "Bright Light on Black Shadows", because she has the value of an expert on all these subjects called "secrets", with European Parliamentarians, for several decades, and it is perhaps only at the European level, that we can still have a chance to get something, if we do as quickly as possible, before it is too late (because the European institutions will eventually fall also under their control), and because all our courts and our judges and local and national prosecutors in France (and in each country), are under the influence of these networks, and receive their orders directly from them, and that's why each local or national action in France (and in each country) never leads to nothing but further strengthen the plaintive victimization.

We have to make it written in the Constitution, and in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and in the Declaration of Children's Rights, in France, and in Europe, and at the UN, the inalienable and indivisible right for every human being to be the sole owner and to have the use only to himself and by himself of his brain prints, and his bitstreams of brain waves, and his neural patterns of brain waves, and his semiotic brain waves, and we have to make it registered that it is illegal to capture them and playback them and record them and store them and analyze them and use them and edit them and disseminate them in any form and on any media whatsoever and mix them and replay them in the brain of the owner or anyone else, without the express written consent of their owner (right to private property, and copyright, and right to the preservation of privacy and intimacy), and that it is forbidden to perform these actions on human brain waves on a person before the person reaches the age of the majority of 18 years (Child Protection).

We must manage to establish a People's Republican Committee for Ethics and Public Safety, to give all citizens a way to control what and how and by whom and for what purpose, on what is done with all types and all sources of electromagnetic waves (including "military"), through our private airspace, or national and international, and with a right of inquiry, including that which is classified "confidential defense".

XIII/ Proof by the image of a Gang Stalking operation made by "Stay Behind" / "Gladio" in France in the Grenoble region in January 2016 and at a very large scale on a French TI :

"Stay Behind" / "Gladio" are the NATO military secret services across the European territory and giving their orders to the police, the gendarmerie, the French secret services, and to the judges and prosecutors and to French politicians and entrepreneurs.

In Grenoble and all the cities around, dozens of vehicles and dozens of individuals and pedestrians, are doing the gang stalking and street theater, against a French TI to whom it has already been done like that in 1998, and for whom electronic torture has continued for 18 years, and to whow it is being done again this gang stalking at a massive scale since at least December 2015, by following him in the pedestrian streets of Grenoble city center and in all public places, and roads and highways and departmental roads of Grenoble and around Grenoble, round the clock, 7 days 7, seamless, and with always around him between 70% and 100% of the vehicles or pedestrians that are from "Stay Behind", but he could all shoot them by video and take every picture of them, and thus in the first video, he shows you at least 4 evidence by photos and 2 evidence by video, and in the second video, he shows you 24 evidence by video clips and 6 evidence by photos, that "Stay Behind" is in action and at a very large scale in Grenoble since at least early 2016, and he explains the methods of gang stalking done by "Stay Behind" vehicles and fake pedestrians.

This video is unique because this is the first time we provide proof by the image of such a large scale Gang Stalking in France and in Europe and worldwide.

Following these "Stay Behind" videos, some people from "Stay Behind" have tried to physically assault the French TI on 01/27/16 at 8:30 am on a street in Grenoble by approaching him in his car and by trying to open by force his door (which was carefully locked from inside because of these special circumstances) and then by trying to break his window and then by trying to tear down his door, which failed, and only strengthens the impact of this video : it must be very important for "Stay Behind" to come to blows to intimidate this TI to force him to stop filming them.

Lately, "Stay Behind" is trying to buy out the houses near the one where the TI lives, to target him even more closely, which they were no longer able to do since late 2013, when he moved from his building infested by "Stay Behind", into a detached house in a village with no possibility for "Stay Behind" to approach too much of him, but they are trying to take extreme measures to correct this mistake immediately.


Be aware of the comments against this video in the TI Forums :

There might be some discouraging or bad or totally wrong comments, that are totally fake, because they are made by people from "Stay Behind", who try to act as victims in these forums.

Explanation on the context of the set of the Video Part 2 :

These videos were taken when shooting in continuous non-stop, and walking in circles always around the same buildings, and the same 4 main streets, around these buildings, during 1h30 of walking, from 14h30 to 16h, in the center of Grenoble (it was therefore a trap set by the TI against his own stalkers), on Sunday January 24, 2016, which is a public holiday, without any open shops to do any shopping whatsoever, and totally outside the school holidays (well after Christmas and well before mid-February) to do any sightseeing whatsoever, and therefore, it is highly unlikely that twenty people, crossed many times in the same four blocks, in different places and times, could be local residents, because they would have tend to go from a point A to a point B in a straight line, and not making the same circles as the TI, around their buildings (unless they walked their dogs, which is not the case), or could be true tourists, because it is out of the season's school holydays.

Notes :

- The video explaining the history of the case of this French TI is presented above on this website at the "Chapter I/" :

- The « paranoia » is not a mental illness but a natural self-defense reflex mechanism in the event of psychological aggression towards one's mind : read explanation : here

Watch the videos here :

Watch the video Part 1 here :

Watch the video Part 2 here (with a lots more of video proofs) :

Order the Tee Shirts and Sign Boards "Notre Torture Est Réelle" / "Stop Gang Stalking" / "Danger : Secrets" / "Nous éveiller, Vous révèlera" / "Fiers de ne Plus Demeurer Vos Victimes" / "Nous Ne Sommes Pas Ceux Que Vous Dîtes" / "Nous Sommes Votre Réponse Immunitaire" by sending an email to : contact @

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