The « paranoia » is not a mental illness but a natural self-defense reflex mechanism in the event of psychological aggression towards one's mind.

The « paranoia » is a mental illness only for the person to whom it prevents to live a normal life.

By cons, it is not a mental illness for the person to whom it does not prevent to live a normal life, and to whom it helps to avoid dangers near and immediate, because it is useful to man, as a natural defense mechanism, temporary and de-activated on demand, to discern the warning details of a danger near and immediate, in order to escape alive, and before it is too late, and before all others, who will not make use of this natural defense mechanism, that we wrongly call « disease of paranoia », but that is not a mental illness, and that is a natural self-defense reflex mechanism in the event of psychological aggression towards one's mind, and that is part of the survival instinct and the immune system of the human mind, so completely natural, and widespread throughout nature on Earth (because it may be observed both in humans and animals, which they can sense the arrival of natural disasters through early warning signs which nobody else will have consciousness).

Those who have not experienced this temporary state of « paranoia » that arises naturally when undergoing a real gang stalking, are people who do not know what they are talking about, because if they have not experienced this state, it is that they have never suffered real gang stalking, and so they have no right to make judgments about what they do not know.

And the art of using this natural defense mechanism lies in the mastery of the side effects that accompany it : rise of adrenaline and anxiety and fear and panic and heartbeat and anger and violence : if you can master this natural defense system while keeping your calm and your cool and your sense of judgment, then you will come to thwart gang stalking made against you and around you, without falling into the trap that is put before you, for you to panic and do anything, and seem to be a dangerous madman, to risk finding yourself locked (that is what they want, and the people who stick on you the label « paranoid » are their helpers, because they want the same thing).

Finally, a quote : "A paranoid is the one that always says the truth" !...

And the Dr. John Hall has certified that the stress caused by the "Gang Stalking" / "Organized Harassment" done to the victim / target increases the level of dopamine in the victim / target's brain, which increases the risk that the victim / target acts paranoid but only in appearance while the victim / target has no paranoia at the origin.