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Couverture du Livre du Docteur Rauni Kilde

- Chapter VII : WHO and Vaccinsations :

Most people do not know that the WHO is only a secretariat.

Which means it cannot give any orders to anyone unless WHO member countries have so agreed in their annual general assembly in May.

Also financial supporters and NGO's, non-government organizations, can be heard.

The David Rockefeller Trust in NY has a strong say with its billions, it was 1948 establishing WHO in Geneva.

In 2005 a big change came to the policy.

If the world is threatened by a severe pandemic, WHO can give orders to member nations.

This, of course, was part of long-time planning to put nations under WHO health control, which they are still trying to do, so far in vain, luckily.

Big Pharma is of course behind the pressure to sell more and more drugs and vaccines globally.

First real try was the swine flu hoax on grand scale.

Health hoax of the century !

A fake pandemic manufactured by pharmaceutical companies in league with WHO to make fast profits while endangering public health.

Again, everything is upside down.

French Academy of Medicine criticized fiercely mass swine flu vaccination campaign.

Parliamentary enquiry was initiated of H1N1, swine flu hoax.

Council of Europe's subcommittee of health with 47 countries, headed by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, investigated 2009 swine flu outbreak and called it one of the greatest medical scandals of the century.

Afterwards he did not continue as head of the subcommittee.

Interesting, since he was right.

Revealing the truth to the public can be dangerous for one's career or health !

In several countries like Switzerland vaccinations were not carried out.

This country, where I have lived four years in Geneva, has for decades, even in wartime, been "neutral", so elite can keep and put their fortunes safely in Swiss banks and steer world affairs from there safely.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz in the US has revealed that swine flu hoax in mass media, which was extreme fear mongering, was arranged by the David Rockefeller Trust in NY.

Media moguls like Rupert Murdoch, Reuters' Tom Glocer and others belong to this Trust.

They could easily arrange the hysteria and fear in mass media to get all people vaccinated, micro chipped and sterilized which was the aim.

In addition, WHO informed in the summer of 2009 that no laboratory tests were needed !

Thus any disease or flu could be diagnosed as swine flu, false labelling to "increase" numbers.

Why was it important to falsify statistics for a very mild flu - milder than normal fall flu ?

Why a year later, in March 2010, Dr. K. Fukuda, flu chief for WHO, stated that WHO still keeps level 6 pandemic which allows WHO control of health and police services of 193 countries under pretext of managing a pandemic threat.

According to EU no pandemic vaccination was ever necessary.

Interestingly, the London Evening Standard of October 23, 2009 cited Dr. Fukuda saying :

"Vaccine to swine flu may be unsafe and European Medicine Agency bypasses large human trials untested."

Everyone who took the vaccine is a guinea pig, not knowing the real contents of the vaccine, which is revealed only to researchers.

Doctors and nurses in the field always get different information than researchers from medical firms.

There are two different papers about contents.

General public is kept uninformed of serious health consequences of the vaccine in short term and long term effects.

They may show up years later like narcolepsy in children and behavior modification by mind control when vaccines contain a microchip.

Shortly, New World Order plan to reduce world population with H1N1 vaccine didn't succeed.

The virus, probably developed in an American military laboratory since it contained swine virus, alive (?), bird virus and 1918 Black Death epidemic human virus does not exist in nature.

But something happened, probably a mutation in this bio-weapon.

Military laboratories have for decades tested and invented and piled different toxins and vaccines for the destruction of "enemy" which today seems to be the civilian population in all countries.

Catherine Austin Fitts, former adviser to US government, said in her blog July 2009 that the goal of swine flu vaccine is depopulation !

Ted Turner calls for 95 % of population reduction to 225 - 300 million worldwide.

Later he changed it to 2 billion.

We are 7 billion on earth today.

Bill Gates, multimillionaire donor for vaccines, calls for population reduction through health care vaccines in a February 18, 2010 conference.

None of the "elite" consider themselves and their families as expendable.

They only want others eliminated, dead or at least sterilized.

Forgetting totally that spiritual evolvement is the main goal for all people on planet earth.

If everyone became a vegetarian and our technical advancements like turning sea water to drinkable water were used to turn deserts to cultivated land, there would be no shortage of food for anybody.

"Natural selection" takes care of overpopulation, as it has done before.

US attitudes towards vaccinations are very different from those in Europe.

Tamiflu vaccine (bird flu), which is according to British Medical Journal not recommended to children at all, was e.g. in a county in Maryland according to an information in Internet forced to children with army and police guns and threats of big fines a few years ago.

Fall 2010 Indiana law requires all students from 6th to 12th grade to take vaccine against meningococcal disease, chickenpox, and whooping cough.

It is a must.

Swine flu vaccines were ordered mandatory for ex. NY state health personnel 2009.

Fine was 1,000 dollars (a day !) if not obeyed.

But health personnel went to court in Albany, NY, and the order was cancelled.

In Oklahoma, according to Internet information, buses were waiting to take people to FEMA camps if they refused vaccination.

At least 800 FEMA camps are built around the country as concentration camps with crematories ?

Are we in a Nazi world again ?

Gardasil vaccine, supposedly for prevention of cervical cancer affecting mostly 50 year old women, is, according to Internet information, forced in Texas by order of governor (owning shares in Merck medical company) to twelve year old girls four times every five years.

Later he denied this.

There is no evidence whatsoever that this vaccine can prevent cancer.

Reports of death and several illnesses of young girls after vaccination are alarming.

In 2010 I read statistics from Vares US medical registry for side effects, 89 have died, 20,575 had severe effects like brain damage, blood clotting, paralysis, etc…

Even heart attacks and unconsciousness are reported.

In Finland only one shot is recommended, in the US four !

All are guinea pigs, less than 2 % of cancers are cervical.

And nobody knows if cervical cancer is prevented !

Even India put a stop on this vaccination.

In 2008 there was a 2 million dollar sale against sexually transmitted virus, some created cervical cancer and died.

Officially all deaths due to vaccinations are always denied.

It is a question of money.

American laws have been changed that medical firms have no responsibility and cannot be sued for damage after vaccinations.

They learned from 1973 swine flu vaccinations when medical firms had to pay great compensations for damage, paralysis, etc…

It was Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of HHS, who granted drug companies immunity as a result of receiving the vaccine.

However, CBS News revealed on September 9, 2010 that family of Hannah Polling received 1.5 Million dollars compensation in the first ever court about vaccine autism.

Hannah had been 18 months old in July 2000 when she was vaccinated on one doctor visit against measles, mumps, rubella, polio, varicella, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus and haemophilus influenza !

She developed fevers, stopped eating, didn't respond when spoken to, screaming and signs of autism.

Now 4,800 other cases are waiting in federal vaccine court !

Time magazine wrote in 2008 director (then) of CDC, Julie Gerberding, now president of Merck vaccines, denies, blames on an underlying condition.

Good information on vaccines can be found in National Vaccine Information Center, Vaccine Liberation, Global Vaccine Institute and Dr. Mercola's vaccine page.

Finland was the first country in the world in August 2010 to stop swine flu vaccinations due to several cases of narcolepsy in children after vaccination.

Even then WHO tried to press authorities to continue vaccinations.

However, later, trying to get rid of extra swine flu vaccines, they were mixed up with normal flu vaccines !

The director of THL, of Finnish National Institute of Health and Welfare, was first remorse of swine flu vaccines, but suddenly changed his mind.

Could it have something to do that medical firm providing the vaccine to Finns gave 6 million euros to THL for research ?

The institute has taken insurance for possible future lawsuits with vaccinations.

Of course, they will deny like elsewhere that there could be a direct connection between H1N1, vaccine and illnesses to avoid financial losses and especially loss of prestige as experts who said swine flu vaccine is harmless.

Maybe they really didn't know ?

Narcolepsy cases may change this.

However, the contents of swine flu vaccine should make anyone suspicious.

Dr. Mercola gives very good medical information on his website, which is highly recommended and should be read by colleagues also.

Not only are the contents of swine flu vaccines dubious, but also the adjuvants added to it.

Mercury, aluminum, squalene (which was responsible for the Gulf War Syndrome), formaldehyde, animal tissues, horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, chicken embryo, porcine pancreatic hydrolysate casein (for Jews and Muslims also !), bovine serum, human diploid cells from human aborted fetal tissue, phenoxyethanol, cow blood, polysorbate 80 (which when injected is a sterilizing agent), vero cells, etc…

The contents of H1N1 vaccine may cause many different illnesses which may be visible later in life.

Of course, different people react differently to vaccines.

Among possible after effects later in life are listed liver and kidney disease, urinary tract, intestine and heart trouble, cancer, chronic bronchitis, eye irritation, neurological, psychological and immunological problems, neurotoxical by effects, infertility, autism, nervous system problems like postvaccinal encephalitis, hallucinations, memory loss, concentration problems.

Also Alzheimer's and senility are linked to flu vaccine.

Worst is of course microchips in vaccine which was main reason for the swine flu hoax hysteria.

To get everyone take the vaccine to be placed under total control with microchipping of their actions, feelings, moods, life span by supercomputers and unethical intelligence services.

Squalene and Gulf War Syndrome in 25 % of American soldiers caused that 60 % of these soldiers later got handicapped children.

Soldiers were experimental guinea pigs also for anthrax vaccines, so no wonder more soldiers committed suicide than died in the Gulf War !

Depopulation program again at work.

It was interesting that German military opposed taking the swine flu vaccine.

Italian national pride football league did not take it either.

German politicians like Angela Merkel got a vaccine without harmful adjuvants.

People did not - and still do not - get correct information about vaccinations.

Even doctors are partly ignorant, especially those pushing the swine flu vaccine for children, pregnant women, those with chronic disease and the elderly.

Unfortunately some directors in highest positions or health ministers can be bought by Big Pharma.

Head of WHO's secret emergency committee has several links to Big Pharma, Australian Dr. John McKenzie reports.

Thus their recommendations are biased and officially they should not at all be members of such panels or expert groups.

For economical reasons health hazards are ignored.

And depopulation program and sterilizing program supported by Henry Kissinger and Bill Gates continues through vaccinations.

What kind of "new emergency" is being planned when swine flu hoax vaccination failed with plans to diminish the population ?

Time will tell, but it was interesting that already in June 1996 the US Air Force published a study "Air Force 2025" describing the emergency of deadly influenza pandemic emerging 2009 as a possible "future scenario" in a conflict setting.

Everything is well planned long in advance !

I saw a video showing huge plastic coffins for 1/2 million people in open air in Arizona desert and also in Georgia waiting for "swine flu bodies" !

The area was owned by CDC.

In UK mass media created hysteria by declaring the graveyards will be so full that they cannot take more bodies !

Internet Notepad Publishing, a non-profit news agency based in Switzerland, reported that China had shot down a CIA operated aerial spraying plane carrying "mutated virus".

In the Ukraine a sticky gel consisting of red blood cells mixed with biological agents was detected from chemical trails from air planes.

And while swine flu hysteria was at its peak, Ukraine was reporting 5,000 cases of illness, which resembled bubonic plague in lungs with boils which they wrongly called swine flu !

To scare people to take the vaccine !

With false pandemic level 6, US had moved from civil law to military law.

Refusing WHO mandated vaccinations has been criminalized under pretext related to public emergencies.

Police can use deadly force, even shoot and take you to prison (FEMA camps).

Travel can be restricted.

These were the plans, which have not succeeded, since people have woken up to see the disinformation WHO is spreading under orders from New World Order and Big Pharma.

Who changed the rules for a worldwide pandemic 6 ?

Suddenly WHO informed that a great health danger can be declared when a disease spreads over a country's border, e.g. thus only affecting two countries !

And in the USA people who already had had swine flu were told to take the vaccine even if they already had immunity to swine flu !

That again shows the real reason behind the vaccination - microchipping of the whole population for total control.

And depopulation plans.

In Europe national health authorities have not all over accepted WHO's false declarations.

New World Order think tanks thus tried to get all nations under WHO control, but failed.

WHO is only a secretariat and should remain so.

WHO cannot be sued for anything, it is national health authorities that are responsible.

Already in a memo 1972 WHO developed a method to use vaccinations to eliminate people in three steps which were described in the memo :

1) to weaken the immune system,
2) inject a huge dose of virus into the body which the weakened immune system cannot fight,
3) inject adjuvants that will create an inflammatory reaction and a cytokine storm and so get rid of people in three steps.

Today 200 vaccines are in development.

For what ?

Depopulation program ?

Bill Gates finances Nano vaccines, absorbed through sweat through the skin.

They are sprayed, so the whole nation is vulnerable.

It takes only three days to spray all of Europe with chemicals from the planes.

WHO's Dr. K. Fukuda claims that because of possible mutations of swine flu virus into a hybrid bird flu virus, level 6 pandemic is kept for two more years.

It is total rubbish !

If any new hybrid virus will emerge, the current vaccine is useless.

But maybe now WHO waits for another chance to implement another vaccine program.

A financial meltdown of Europe, a false flag terrorist attack, a cyber-attack or war against Iran could create a turmoil to start a new false vaccination campaign to benefit Big Pharma, diminish world population and get the rest, who were not vaccinated yet with a microchip, also under total computer control usually steered by intelligence services.

Maybe because Internet gives a lot of good information, which corporate controlled mass media is silent about, president Obama declared state emergency in the USA on October 23 (!), 2009 for swine flu pandemic taking US to brink of martial law.

Hoax it was, but because of emergency executive presidential order he now has the right and possibility to shut down all private computers !

Thus information would disappear and only corporate media disinformation would remain for masses.

At the same time Massachusetts' law in pandemic allowed police to force into homes to give vaccinations.

Of course this is coup d’état forming bases for New World Order.

General public has great respect for WHO because they do not know it functions behind the scenes.

Of course there are many expert panels on different health issues.

Experts from different countries fly to Geneva for about a week at a time to have discussions and decide on recommendations on their expert field.

Personally I have seen how they function.

For four months I was as an observer sent on a grant from National Board (Institute) of Health of Finland (Laakintohallitus) to WHO to attend every meeting and expert panel at WHO at the end of 1970's.

I took part in all conferences they had from early morning to late at night.

First I took part in an inside course for one week introducing WHO and its numerous programs around the world.

Twice I was also officially representing the government of Finland as delegate and chief delegate especially in tropical medicine and health education and tobacco questions.

In Finland I had been acting director at the National Board of Health (Laakintohallitus) of Department of Environmental Health and Health Education, when we launched new health laws and tobacco laws as first in the world.

I personally signed with Director General (whom I shortly replaced) orders to all hospitals and health centers of Finland about health education, reducing tobacco use with restrictions and nutritional and dietary questions which are still valid in principle.

While I was in Geneva WHO for four months, our social and health ministry wanted Finland to take part in a new WHO committee on tropical medicine.

So I raised my hand at the meeting and said Finland wants to be a candidate for the tropical medicine committee.

I myself have a diploma in tropical medicine from Karolinska Institute in Sweden, but my proposal was not well liked.

They had beforehand - like all decisions are done - planned to give the seat to France.

It became voting in old fashioned way, votes were written on a piece of paper and put into a hat.

I was close enough to see that on the very top in the hat was a piece of paper formed into a triangle.

The man picking the winner was clearly shown to take this triangle paper.

France was on it, which was thus chosen as new committee member.

Deception is the name of the game also when it comes to voting.

Remember whose sign a triangle is, New World Order, etc…

At the same time there was time to elect a new director general for WHO in General Assembly in May when all member states are present.

Danish Dr. Mahler had had fine five year term and wanted to continue.

But not for five years but two years still.

It was voting again, since he got a Japanese competitor candidate.

My Norwegian husband worked as a diplomat in UNCHR and diplomats of course discuss coming votes.

Suddenly UN ambassadors who cast a vote got an offer from the Japanese especially to Third World countries.

If they would give their vote to Japanese candidate they would receive a personal new Japanese car !

Japanese candidate got 54 % of the votes and was elected as new director general.

All UN ambassadors were not "bought" even with a new car !

And the Japanese new director general also did a good job ?

This is how the world's WHO functions.